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Applications for Rural Arizona Advocates are now open!

Rural Arizona Advocates is a free six-month program that is open to college-aged students in Pinal County.  The curriculum, Youth Participatory Action Research, provides participants with the necessary tools to support the authentic engagement of young people in decision-making processes that affect their daily lives. Once the program is over, we provide participants with resources to put what they’ve learned to use. We provide participants with resources such as volunteer opportunities and paid positions that help them further develop the skills they’ve learned. 

Application Deadline: April 8th, 2022

Program Dates:

  • Session 1: 4/23

    • Optional study session: 5/5

    • Optional study session: 5/12

  • Session 2: 5/21

    • Optional study session: 6/2

    • Optional study session: 6/9

  • Session 3: 6/25

    • Optional study session: 7/7

    • Optional study session: 7/14

  • Session 4: 7/16

    • Optional study session: 7/28

    • Optional study session: 8/4

  • Session 5: 8/13

    • Optional study session: 8/25

    • Optional study session: 9/1

  • Session 6: 9/3

Expectations of Participants:

  • We expect participants to be present and participate fully in the program at every session. 

  • Participants must complete all readings, assignments, or any other prep work before each session.


  • Participants are required to attend a once-a-month in-person meeting that will take place on a Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm.  Participants will complete the required readings and video lessons between each session. We will also host virtual study sessions that are optional for participants in between each in-person session.


Frequently Asked Questions

For any further questions, please contact our Rural Arizona Advocates Coordinator at!

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