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Applications for Rural Arizona Advocates!

Rural Arizona Advocates is a free transformative six-month college-age program specially designed for young individuals in rural Arizona. This innovative program combines the empowering elements of Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) with real-world experiences to foster a generation of passionate leaders committed to creating a more equitable and just system. Through advocacy, accountability, and leadership training, participants will embark on a journey of personal growth while making a tangible impact on their communities and beyond.

Program Dates:

  • Meetings dates are COMING SOON!

Expectations of Participants:

  • We expect participants to be present and participate fully in the program at every session. 

  • Participants must complete all readings, assignments, or any other prep work before each session.


  • Participants are required to attend a once-a-month in-person meeting. Participants will complete the required readings and video lessons between each session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any further questions, please contact

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