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In a crucial moment for our democracy, Sen. T.J. Shope has voted to restrict our voting rights. Shope supported several bills in 2022 that will make it harder for rural Arizonans, senior citizens, and disabled Arizonans to vote. Shope is failing to represent our families.

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SHOPE'S Shameful
Makes voter registration unnecessarily complicated and could kick people off the voter rolls. It’s unconstitutional and will cost the state millions in court fees.
Shope voted yes.
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Money Talks
Sen. T.J. Shope’s top donors include fossil-fuel industries, the private prison industry, the military industry, and the conservative Arizona Chamber of Commerce–one of the most powerful forces working to destroy public education as we know it.

As long as he is beholden to big-dollar donors, Shope will not serve the best interest of working-class, rural Arizona families.
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Rural Arizona Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization based in Coolidge, Arizona working to empower and engage rural communities across the state.

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